American Farmhouse Style Feature

I am so excited that MMS Milk Paint was featured in American Farmhouse Style magazine!!  I received an e-mail a few months ago from one of their editors, asking if I could contribute some material for their upcoming publication.  I sent along some of Maria’s beautiful pictures and they loved the idea of a feature on using milk paint to give furniture an authentic farmhouse look.  missmustardseed-209 (534x800)

The four page spread showcases Maria’s clean and classic pictures and the article highlights the versatility of milk paint.

missmustardseed-210 (534x800) missmustardseed-211 (534x800)

I was able to find the magazine at Wegman’s, but I imagine it’s available at most grocery, book and home.hardware stores.

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6 thoughts on “American Farmhouse Style Feature

  1. Looking forward to this new blog…however, I can barely read the “aqua” print so hope that will be changed or darkened. Now I’m off to see where I can order a copy of the American Farmhouse magazine…I’ve never heard of it!

  2. I would LOVE to purchase the American Farmhouse Style magazine, but can not find it. I live in Colorado and wonder where I can find it?? I tried to find a website that I could purchase it from, but could not. Any ideas?? Thanks

  3. Nancy,
    I did some research and the magazine you are looking to subscribe to is new and put out by Cottages and Bungalows publications. Maybe you can start there.

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